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Bountiful Botanicals, Inc. is one of the Bay Area’s leading landscape design / build firms. Our work is deeply rooted in a commitment to both quality and sustainability, combining cutting edge landscape design concepts with environmentally conscious gardening techniques. We specialize in creating spaces for outdoor living that are drought tolerant, deer resistant, and child- and pet-friendly. Each of our gardens is based on a three-tiered philosophy of Design, Install, and Maintain, making our gardens beautiful, practical, and sustainable. Click this interview in Oakland Magazine for more on our philosophy - Oakland Magazine

Low maintenance gardens

Our landscape design takes into consideration the cost and care of monthly service, sustainable gardens are affordable to maintain.

A low-maintenance garden is a healthy garden. Our goal as a company is to establish a healthy ecosystem that allows plants to grow and thrive naturally. From the very beginning, we incorporate into our designs various systems to support longevity and minimize maintenance. Establishing good soil with proper nutrients and pH balance provides an essential foundation for plant growth and efficient water use.  Featuring drought-tolerant and native plants that require only minimal pruning and ongoing maintenance decreases time needed for plant care in the future.

At Bountiful Botanicals, our three-tiered approach of Design, Install, and Maintain guides our work throughout each phase of your project, creating gardens made to last and enjoyed for many years to come.

Drought tolerant plants and water conservation

Landscaping designed with plants that are drought tolerant will save water on monthly utility bills, reduce water run off and help save the environment.

Water conservation is one of our top priorities at Bountiful Botanicals, Inc. We specialize in drought tolerant plants and landscape designs that are both practical and beautiful. Our designs are deeply rooted in a philosophy of sustainability and care for the earth. We strive to implement this philosophy in our work by creating beautiful outdoor spaces that are restorative and nurturing for both people and the community around them.

Deer resistant plants and gardens

Plants that can thrive under the harshest conditions and exposure to animals.

It’s an unfortunate fact of nature that the beautiful, soft-eyed creatures that instill in most of us such a sense of peace and wonder also love nibbling on some of our favorite parts of the garden. Deer have become an increasing challenge for Bay Area gardeners, making it more important than ever to take them into consideration from the beginning. No garden is truly deer-proof. However, there are many aspects of design and planting that can give your garden a better chance of surviving the appetites of these beautiful and persistent creatures.

Bountiful Botanicals, Inc. has a vast knowledge of deer-resistant plants, as well as a deep understanding of deer habits and preferences. We have almost 20 years of experience building and caring for deer-resistant gardens in the East Bay. We can work with you to create a garden that is delightful but won’t serve as a buffet for the local deer.

Sustainable and Green Building Materials

Our gardens provide Sustainability through green design and recycled materials.

A sustainable, organic garden begins with earth-friendly materials and good, organic garden designs. We implement sustainable building practices to ensure that your garden is safe for the environment, as well as children and pets. We utilize materials like natural wood and stone, and avoid products treated with harsh chemicals and pesticides. Round Up is NEVER used. All of the products that we use (besides lighting & irrigation materials) are natural and came from the earth, or will biodegrade back into it.

Our landscape designs are centered on principles of sustainability and nurturing a healthy ecosystem in the garden and beyond. We feature native, and drought-tolerant plants, in place of invasive and high-water species. The patios we design and install are permeable, rather than concrete or mortar, to support a healthy, deep-soil environment for plant roots and water absorption. The walls we install are dry stacked, with no concrete or mortar, and are better suited for the clay soil present in most Bay Area homes (Alameda is actually sand based). We also encourage the use No Mow or Native Lawns rather than high water non-native lawns, in order to significantly reduce water usage and maintenance costs. Our stones and materials are locally-sourced, like Moss Rocks and Field Stones from the Sierra Nevada. In general, we avoid using materials that have to be shipped from far away, in order to reduce our carbon footprint and support the local economy.

Some local resources to help you understand and care for your new garden

The Urban Farmer

is a great resource for irrigation and lighting information and tips.


has a Plant Finder tool, with which you can look up individual plants to learn more about them, and their specific care and needs.

Ace Hardware Nursery

on Grand Avenue in Oakland has a good selection of plants, as well as gardening tools and materials.

The East Bay Municipal Utilities District

(EBMUD) website provides information on their water savings program and coupons, as well as tips for reducing water usage.


protect your pets with this very handy guide to toxic and non toxic plants.

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